The Dread Crew of Oddwood is a pirate themed band that blends Heavy Metal, Celtic Folk, and Progressive Rock with a unique acoustic instrumentation to proclaim a new genre: Heavy Mahogany. Embarking from San Diego in 2008, this bloodthirsty horde has accumulated a commendable cult following in the musical underground of Southern California, and is rapidly gaining infamy throughout the far corners of the world.

Oddwood set the stage for world conquest with the release of their albums Reign the Helm in 2009 and Rocktopus in 2010. The tracks "Cities Burning" and "Kraken Skulls" hinted at the sinister influence of heavy metal on the band's sound, while “Bottoms up,” “Leviathan," and "The Frenchman's Daughter" show off a more melodic side of the band's writing. Boozing, wenching, conquering, killing, and epic storytelling are commonplace in The Dread Crew's lyrics, and their sense of humor and theatrical brilliance surface in their blood-drenched, critically acclaimed music video for "Queen's Decree."

These albums’ tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, and drunken debauchery caught on so quickly that the demand for more manly and archaic music came to a head. So, In 2012, The Dread Crew of Oddwood forged their genre defining album Heavy Mahogany. Funded by the band's rabid fans, this award-nominated masterpiece brandishes the true voice of their genre. From the first note of "Meat, Bread, and Wine" to the last note of "Seafarer's Medley," Heavy Mahogany will take you on an unforgettable journey through time, space, and the seven seas. Captain William Kidd's execution speech comes to life in "When I Sail'd," and just when you think the fun is over, the crew sings songs of subjects as diverse as airships, zombies, demons, alcohol, and George Washington. Heavy Mahogany is the standard by which all pirate music shall be judged!

Among The Dread Crew of Oddwood’s myriad exploits are performances at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, The Bristol Renaissance Faire, and the Los Angeles County Fair, all which have an attendance of over 200,000 patrons. Over the past 5 years, the band has embarked on five independently booked national tours. Recently, they were featured at The City National Grove of Anaheim, The Great American Music Hall, and the Key Club supporting acts like Rhapsody of Fire, Buckethead, and Turisas. Whether it’s festivals or street corner pubs, large theaters or Renaissance Faires, no venue is too large (or small!) for this ensemble of heroic musicians.

If you’re looking for an excellent mixture of grandiose performance and humor with a fiendishly piratical twist, The Dread Crew of Oddwood is at your service!

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Update! (November. 17th, 2014):

Heroic news! We are joining Alestorm's Piratefest in January with Swashbuckle and Rainbowdragoneyes! Although all of the dates haven't been announced, you should prepare your frosty loins for a whole load of antics!

Update! (November. 13th, 2014):

We had a killer time on Suicide Girls Radio and cannot thank Moxie and Nicole enough for having us on! If you missed the hilarity, you can watch it HERE!

Update! (November. 6th, 2014):

Our PIECES OF 8BIT TOUR has just been announced! Joined by the Chiptune Metal-Dance Master RAINBOWDRAGONEYES in our quest for frostbitten booty, these shows will be the most fun you've a while! They will also be our last performances of the year, so get your ass the party!

Update! (October. 3rd, 2014):

We have been chosen to compete on The Heidi and Frank Show's Stay or Go! That's right, were are going to be on the radio! Head over and vote STAY HERE! Let them feel the power of Heavy Mahogany!

Update! (September. 19th, 2014):

What an incredible adventure! From coast to coast, we had a kick ass time with you all! Thank you for being a part of our Summer Practice Tour!

Update! (August. 4th, 2014):

Due to our Summer Practice Tour, we will be unable to ship merch orders until September 15th. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

Update! (July. 1st, 2014):

It's Summer and you know what that means! That's right! The Dread Crew of Oddwood embarks to ravage 'MERICA with Heavy Mahogany insanity! This year, we are proud to announce our Summer Practice Tour! Check out our SHOWS page and come get some!

Update! (April. 10th, 2014):

Our second Paganfest America cover has been released! Check out the Heavy Mahogany version of "Wooden Pints" by Korpiklaani HERE!!!!

Update! (April. 7th, 2014):

The first weekend of the 2014 Renaissance Pleasure Faire was killer! If you missed it, you have 6 more weekends to catch our beard-whipping debauchery!!!

Update! (Feburary. 28th, 2014):

Since the Paganfest America lineup was just announced, we decided to a HEAVY MAHOGANY cover "Battle Metal" by Turisas and do a quick video on Youtube. Check it out HERE!!

Update! (December. 8th, 2013):

Our first time at the Merrow (previously the Ruby Room) and that place still kicks ass! We have some shows coming up in January with Unicorn Death. Also joining us are Wilderun and Sirion. Check our SHOWS page for updates! Presale tickets to our Los Angeles show on 1/18/14 are available in the MARKET with free shipping. Get them before they run out!

Update! (November. 13th, 2013):

Another SOLD OUT show! Arkona, Sirion, Mutalisk, Ancestral Awakening and everyone that night, killed it! We will be back on 1/18/14 with some great bands. Stay tuned for tickets!

Update! (October. 18th, 2013):

The Assassin's Creed promo video is now live and can be viewed HERE! Corridor Digital did an incredible job and it was a pleasure working with them. Our show with Arkona is coming up and presale tickets were just added to our MARKET. Be sure to get yours before they sell out. Last, but far from least, the song we recorded for Ubisoft should be released early next week. This has been one killer month so far!

Update! (October. 5th, 2013):

So many rad things coming up! We were just featured in a promo video for Assassin's Creed 4 AND we recorded a shanty for Ubisoft! We also announced our show with ARKONA in November. Presale tickets will be available here soon. Check back for more info on our piratical domination!

Update! (September. 10th, 2013):

The Dreadfully Wrong tour completed successfully! One incredible month of shows, traveling, and antics that ended with a SOLD OUT show in Hollywood! Thank you to everyone who joined us along the way! We could not have done this without you and we hope to hit the road again soon.

Update! (August. 6th, 2013):

Due to our Dreadfully Wrong Tour, we will be unable to ship merch orders until September 9th. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

Update! (July. 16th, 2013):

The Dreadfully Wrong Tour has just been announced! We are excited to return to the Midsummer and Bristol Faires! This Summer, we also have the honor of performing with a slew of talented bands including Steam Powered Giraffe! Check out our SHOWS page for all the gory details!

Update! (June. 16th, 2013):

Just got back from the Norcal Pirate Faire. What a crisp weekend! It was super fun seeing our friends in the Sea Dogs and B.O.O.M!

Update! (May. 4th, 2013):

Last night was insane! It was an honor to perform with Metalachi, PHILM, and Year of the Dragon! The chi chis we bounce dancing the night away. If you are coming to Pleasure Faire today, we have a special medley prepared for you!

Update! (April. 6th, 2013):

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire begins today! Seven weekends of epic liver winking, beard swinging fun coming up! Make sure to come see us at the Rogues Reef Stage with the Poxy Boggards, the Merry Wives of Windsor, and the Belles of Bedlam!

Update! (Mar. 6th, 2012):

Due to our 2013 Winter Tour, we will be unable to ship merch orders until March 17th. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

Update! (Mar. 4th, 2013):

A floor covered in broken bottles and booze, what a perfect way to kick off our 2013 Winter Tour! It was great to share the bill with our friends in The Burning of Rome, Old Man Wizard, and Blood Dancer. After a crowd that intense, the upcoming shows have some big shoes to fill! Check out the rest of our tour dates on the Shows page. Corvallis, you're next!

Update! (Feb. 25th, 2013):

The Key Club was INSANE!!! What a glorious night of Battle Metal!! Thanks to everyone who sang, danced, and drank with us! It was most honorable performing with Turisas and Firewind. What a perfect way to prepare for our Winter Tour! Pictures coming soon!

Update! (Feb. 10th, 2013):

The R BAR was PACKED and the liquor flowed freely last night! Feburary is already of to a killer start and we can't wait to see you all again at the Key Club. For those of you on the West Coast, our Winter Tour for 2013 has just been announced, so be sure and check the Shows page for the dates!

Update! (Feb. 1st, 2013):

Discount tickets for our show with Turisas and Firewind are hotter than Gunmaster Castle's Oddkit! We are completely SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who purchased in advance, this show is going to RIP! If you still need discount tickets, you can purchase them from our allies in Helsott. Our Winter Tour for 2013 has been announced, so be sure and check the Shows page for the dates!

Update! (Dec. 28th, 2012):

We have two HUGE Shows coming up. This New Year's Eve we will be performing with Buckethead at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco! You can purchase tickets Here. We will also be performing with Turisas and Firewind on 2/22/13. We have presale tickets available in our Market with FREE shipping. Buy them from us and avoid the countless service fees! Be sure to check back soon for more show announcements. Our Heavy Mahogany Tour was so successful, it may require a sequel!

Update! (AUG. 9th, 2012):

Due to our 2012 Heavy Mahogany Tour, we will be unable to ship merch orders until August 26th. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

Update! (Feb. 15th, 2012):

Our Kickstarter fundraiser was successful! We amassed 150% of our funding goal, meaning Heavy Mahogany is going to kick some serious ass, both musically and artistically. A gargantuan THANK YOU to all of those who donated; without you, Heavy Mahogany would still be a beer-stained idea penned on a napkin. Expect your life to be changed this summer.

Update! (Jan. 1st, 2012):

Our HUGE announcement has been posted! We launched a Kickstarter campaign for our new album, HEAVY MAHOGANY! There are a slew of great items we are giving away to our backers, so be sure to donate to our cause and become a part of Oddwood history!

Update! (Dec. 5th, 2011):

New items have been added to our Market! It's the perfect place to do your holiday shopping, so check it out! We have two shows coming up, the first on Dec 16th at Villian's Tavern in Los Angeles and the second on Dec 17th at Suzy's Bar and Grill in Hermosa Beach. See our Shows page for more details. For those of you who haven't been following our Facebook updates, we have a HUGE announcement coming up. Be sure to keep checking back to see what we are going to reveal!


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