An update from the Crew!

Howdy there! Lately, our sails have been full with the wind of change. That means we have some announcements to make. Legendary Pirate King Eric “The’ Brown has arrived at the decision to depart from our crew. The full story will be revealed in our next album, but we are all still pals and wish him well in his quest for music songs. Taking over on the Oddkit, we are fired up to tell you Vicky C will be joining us! He’s from the future! Please give him a warm welcome, and shower him with hard-shell tacos. Also, yes, we are writing a new album. Also, we have some additional, exciting announcements coming up, as well, too, also. Yeah!

Piratefest UK Complete!

What a lovely romp through the UK and Ireland! We can’t wait to return!


Lawful Evil European Tour Announcement Video!

Captain Wolfbeard O’Brady fires a visual warning shot, advancing our impending maiden European invasion later this month.



Holy Plank-Billed Platypus! We are joining Alestorm and Rumahoy for pirate festivities in the UK and Ireland! Get ready for a lean, mean, 2018!


Europe is getting a dose of Lawful Evil!

Hold on to your pegs and patches, because we’re bringing Lawful Evil to Europe! Yahoo!

Koroneburg Questing

We are performing the first weekend at the Koroneburg Renaissance Festival. Come get schwifty!

koroneburg-renaissance -festival-2017



STAR WARS MEDLEY Music Video Awakens!

Since Star Wars seems to be on everyone’s mind lately, we decided to record this historically and canonically accurate music video for our Star Wars Medley!



“Raise Your Pints” Lyric Video!

Howdy partners! Decibel Magazine just premiered the lyric video for “Raise Your Pints”! Head on over to their lair, or click below to watch and sing along! BOAT!


We are returning to some of our favorite North American cities, armed to the beards with fresh acoustic antics! Lawful Evil is coming for you, so crack open a fine whiskey, get ready to party, and hold on to your butts! Select dates with Swashbuckle and Wilderun!


GEAR GODS Premiers Our In Studio Playthrough of “Dead Man’s Medley”!

Gear Gods just premiered our in studio playthrough video for “Dead Man’s Medley”! Let your eyes step inside the studio with us and our antics!