Mac Sabbath!!!

Ahoy and such! We will be playing with Mac Sabbath on April 15th at the Whisky a Go Go! Join us for a hilarious night of super sized, costumed debauchery. Tickets are on sale HERE!


Piratefest America!

Our Piratefest America quest has come to a complete stop. We have disembarked the Oddvan 2.0 and are returning to our regularly scheduled antics. Holy hookhands! This tour was one hell of an arctic adventure! Rainbowdragoneyes, Swashbuckle, Alestorm, their killer crew, and heroic Australian were the best questmates ever! Thank you to every band, fan, friend, lover, hater, couch, bed, and floor that took part in making Piratefest America the unbelievably badass tour it was. We love you all and will meet each other again soon!

Merch Shipping Notice!

Hey! While we are out plundering the salty loins of this fine country with Alestorm, Swashbuckle, and Rainbowdragoneyes… may take us longer than usual to ship merch orders out. If you feel the sudden urge to spend money on something, track us down at a show or be patient! Cheers!

Piratefest 2015!

Heroic news! We are joining Alestorm’s Piratefest in January with Swashbuckle and Rainbowdragoneyes! Although all of the dates haven’t been announced, you should prepare your frosty loins for a whole load of antics!


Suicide Girls Radio

We had a killer time on Suicide Girls Radio and cannot thank Moxie and Nicole enough for having us on! If you missed the hilarity, you can watch it HERE!

Pieces of 8Bit Tour Announced

Our PIECES OF 8BIT TOUR has just been announced! Joined by the Chiptune Metal-Dance Master RAINBOWDRAGONEYES in our quest for frostbitten booty, these shows will be the most fun you’ve had… a while! They will also be our last performances of the year, so get your ass the party!


Heidi and Frank Show

We have been chosen to compete on The Heidi and Frank Show’s Stay or Go! That’s right, were are going to be on the radio! Head over and vote STAY HERE! Let them feel the power of Heavy Mahogany!

Coast to Coast

What an incredible adventure! From coast to coast, we had a kick ass time with you all! Thank you for being a part of our Summer Practice Tour!

Webstore Notice

Due to our Summer Practice Tour, we will be unable to ship merch orders until September 15th. SEE YOU ON THE ROAD

Summer Practice Tour!

It’s Summer and you know what that means! That’s right! The Dread Crew of Oddwood embarks to ravage ‘MERICA with Heavy Mahogany insanity! This year, we are proud to announce our Summer Practice Tour! Check out our TOUR page and come get some!