Meet the Band


Wolfbeard O’Brady

Accordion, Whistles, Vocals

A noble and seemingly innocent man of great strength, WolfBeard is the charismatic and authoritative captain of The Dread Crew of Oddwood. Molded into his commanding role by his unwavering sense of honor, this valiant adventurer has proven his resilience on the high seas and in alehouses alike. WolfBeard’s technical command of the Accordion brings a crucial aspect to Oddwood’s piratical sound. In addition to fronting most of Oddwood’s growling lead vocals, he is a seasoned whistle player who brings an experienced Celtic influence to the band’s writing and performance.

First Mate

Riven Rahl

Toy Piano, Vocals

A thief of unparalleled reputation with a face that could melt away any woman’s inhibitions, first mate Riven brings a much-needed touch of finesse to The Dread Crew. Lurking skillfully in the shadows, this desert assassin can take a life as easily as a girl’s virginity, and with less cleanup. With his giant gnarled hands, Riven captivates listeners with the spellbinding ring of his toy piano. Through leather-bound rigging of his own twisted design, this unorthodox keyboard serves as an extension of his being, coarsely strapped to his dark shoulders as he belts out grand lyrics in a rich baritone.



Stark Cordwain

Irish Bouzouki, Whistles, Vocals

The Eldest of the ancient Cordwain Clan, Stark relays the Captain’s orders and disciplines the crew as only a vengeful Viking is able. With a mighty battle cry that travels for miles and a hulking stance, this recently unfrozen marauder can subdue the most vicious of crowds into an obedient throng. Stark uses his timeless knowledge of bone flutes to accent his whistle playing with ancient flourishes, and strums the Bouzouki with the wrath of the Norsemen.



Deckard Cordwain

Mandolin, Ukulele, Vocals

As quick-thinking as he is seaworthy, this stalwart watchman supervises the crew in all matters of seamanship with his expertise in ancient waters and tides. With a passion for adventure and an even greater love for the fairer sex, this Norse traveler has conquered many a vast journey (and has the tales to prove it). His weather-worn hands fly swiftly across the strings of his portable instruments, and from his majestic voyages he brings a slew of worldly tunes and techniques to Oddwood’s mandolin and ukulele lines.



Smithy Crow

Bass, Orchestral Strings, Vocals

The only modern mortal savage enough to join the likes of The Dread crew, Smithy navigates the seas with the might and prowess of twelve generations. Equipped with a harpoon, Crow skewers sea beasts and foes with one hand, and women of all sizes with the other, stopping only to engage in ridiculous antics and general tomfoolery. Mr. Crow’s level of wizardry with all stringed instruments surely knows no equal., but Smithy’s true musical supremacy lies within the heavy shredding bass lines he so dexterously fingers on his six-foot upright. Slapping away on the salt-sprayed neck or gliding his bow over rosined strings, this gangly navigator brings forth vast rumbling notes from the instrument’s wooden core. ​



Pistol Pete

The Oddkit, Vocals

He carries 2-10 (or even more!) pistols, despite his name!

Portraits Skillfully Crafted by RedGrimRune – The Art of Xander Kent