Rust & Glory: Track By Track Breakdown

Rust & Glory: Track By Track Breakdown

Have you ever wondered what the HECK we were thinking when we wrote THAT song? Well, we haven't either...until NOW! Here is a track by track breakdown, with riveting insight to our inspiration, thoughts, and prayers while writing the songs of Rust & Glory. Hold on to your butts!

Lawful Evil

Oddwood has thrust our way back to the surface of the briny depths, intent on settling the long argued dispute of what our moral and ethical alignment actually is. Was our last album called “Lawful Evil”? Yes! Is this song called “Lawful Evil”, but was not released on the album “Lawful Evil”? Also yes! Are we Lawful Evil, just a bunch of trolls, or something else entirely? I haven’t had enough coffee to answer that question. Be right back…


Leather Ship

After years of abuse and neglect, our mighty sea vessel was in dire need of repairs. Wood is cool and all, but since our crew lacks a shipwright, and Wolfbeard O’Brady is a master leatherworker, the solution was simple. Replace all parts of the ship with leather! ALL parts of the ship.



Lost Comrades

Finally- a proper sea shanty about all the horrible ways a crew of fools can meet their demise! Not to worry though- every death means a bigger share of the loot, and more booze to boot! Join in our chorus and sing of the glories of blood, crushed bones, and gore.


Squall of Death

The wall of death is old news. Rowing at concerts had its time to shine, and now it’s time for something new to emerge! Ships on either side will soon collide. Prepare to be crushed by the infernal tide of the Squall of Death!


Giant Fucking Demon Crab

Get your chelipeds ready snap along to this acoustic ripper! This song is a detailed account of our encounter with a colossal, demonic crustacean. Definitely not an excuse to shout “GIANT! FUCKING! DEMON! CRAB!” or at all inspired by watching YouTube videos of dachshunds and crabs on repeat. Nope. Not at all.


Evil Tide

Welcome to the ballad track! Evil Tide touches on the fleeting emotions we seek, to gorge on dopamine and escape the ever present shadow of despair. What is life? What does life do? Are there any life socks?


The Glass of Firewine

There’s nothing like a fly, fermented in whiskey. Firewine is a very special drink that we like to consume a lot of. Sometimes. 


Give Me Your Beer

Regarding the tale of ‘Give Me Your Beer’ One nautical warrior traversed sea and land pillaging all in sight and demanding the finest ales across the globe. Retired, they died, went to hell, and demanded the Devil’s beer too! You only pirate always, right?! Melodic charms throughout this song will be stuck in your head forever. And it features our very own Deckard Cordwain on lead vocals, also! Needless to say, we think you’ll enjoy this pirate powered pilsner pounding polka party. Now without further ado…give us your beer!

The Apple

A jaunty tune about telling the world to fuck off! We’ll sail to the edges of the earth to realize our dream, and we’re bringing all the ale, cider, and good times we’ll need to do it. To the high seas!


Revenge Prawn

What about the girl who gets left behind?? This young maid refuses to let the loss of her husband hold her back and takes to sail to find out the truth. What she finds on her adventure turns her cutthroat and glorious- with a satisfying climax and fresh eyes on the horizon. Featuring Anna Murphy on vocals and the hurdy gurdy!


Locomotive Death

A classic Oddwood misadventure of time travel, hijinks, murder, and Jethro Tull references! Who better to pull off a train heist than our seasoned crew of cutthroats? Join us as we tame this iron steed and loot the snooty passengers in this classic western tale of debauchery.


Tavern Brawl

Is it a concert? Is it a tavern brawl? You decide! This music pumping party time will get heads banging and limbs thrashing. Let’s rock and/or roll!


Corpse Juice Medley

Ever hear of Admiral Nelson? Ever hear how he died at the battle of Trafalgar? Ever hear how they pickled his corpse in brandy to take back to England but then the ship carrying him ran out of booze? Read between the lines and have yourself a glass of corpse juice as you sing along with the choruses in this traditional jig.

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