Lawful Evil | 2016

01. Join The Ranks
02. Side Quest
03. Heavy Mahogany
04. Sulfur
05. Siren’s Song
06. Expedition On Heavy Submarine
07. Humours Of Oddwood Isle
08. Raise Your Pints
09. Sand Lobster
10. Whalin’ Rumbo
11. Trollwhack
12. The Gleeman
13. Storm Riders
14. Dead Man’s Medley
Oddwood’s newest fan-backed creation, Lawful Evil is the standard by which all pirate music shall be judged! This piratical, headbanging adventure is packed with acoustic shreddery and ready to soak your livers in whiskey!

Lawful Evil was recorded at Seahorse Sound, was mixed by Aksu Hanttu (Korpiklaani, Shade Empire) and mastered bySvante Forsbäck (Korpiklaani, Apocalyptica, Dragonforce, Rammstein) at Chartmakers Audio Mastering.

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Heavy Mahogany | 2012

01. Meat, Bread and Wine
02. When I Sail’d
03. Flotsam Epitaph
04. Æirship of Doom
05. Oddwood Saves America
06. A Portsman’s Reverie
07. Brothel Royale!
08. Berserker
09. Oddwood Building Things
10. Petty Theft
11. Binged and Purged
12. Flesh Breakfast
13. Immortal Souls
14. Serpent’s Feast
15. Seafarer’s Medley
Heavy Mahogany is one of Oddwood’s most unbelievably badass album to date! This is the standard by which all pirate music shall be judged. The album’s sound combines the raw energy of punk and heavy metal with four-part male vocal harmonies, Irish traditional music, and nautical folklore to create a brand new musical genre, Heavy Mahogany! There are 15 original tales, two new members and additional folk instruments jam-packed into a 49:30 run-time. This is one beastly undertaking of an album, now order the bloody thing!

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Rocktopus | 2010

01. Queen’s Decree | Music Video
02. Leviathan
03. Earth’s End
04. Where Blue Meets Black
05. Land IIo
06. Traveller’s Hornpipe
07. Kraken Skulls
08. Skeletons
09. Hear Our Cry
10. The Legend of Mord & Tyver
11. The Frenchman’s Daughter
12. Walk The Plank
13. Ketch Medley

After Reign The Helm was met with great critical acclaim, the time soon came for Oddwood to forge a second album. Though part of the crew had been lost, the addition of Smithy Crow on upright bass, some new acoustic instruments, and the involvement of all seven band members in the writing process yielded phenomenal results. With 13 tracks and a solid 47:58 run-time, Rocktopus is bigger, heavier, and more badass than thought possible. This is The Dread Crew as it was truly meant to be! Features “Queen’s Decree”, from their debut music video. 18-page booklet features lyrics and compositional photography.

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Reign The Helm | 2009

01. The Dread Crew of Oddwood
02. Ocarina of Time Medley
03. Cities Burning
04. Land Ho
05. Oddwood Hornpipe
06. Rum In The Flask
07. Bottoms Up
08. Eddie Kelley’s Medley
The product of a violent, time-altering storm in the Bermuda Triangle, Reign The Helm is The Dread Crew’s mysterious debut album. These eight songs, when met with the public ear, marked a new era of piracy in the 21st century. With a run-time of 28:09, this CD is jam-packed with raw tales of comrades lost, bloody sieges, limitless debauchery, great battles at sea, and drunken festivities, told through riotous, disorderly vocals and incomparably piratical instrumental melodies. If you don’t own this album, you have no idea what pirate music is supposed to sound like. What are you waiting for?!

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