As we gear up for our Join The Ranks Tour, we are sad to announce the departure of our manly and archaic guitarist, Rouba Juba.

He released the following statement:

“Seven years ago, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure with a good group of friends, with the intent to have as much fun as possible. New friends joined, oldfriends left (always before they’d had enough fun), and now I, too, am leaving the Dread Crew of Oddwood. I’d like to take this opportunity to say a few words to you fine people of the internet about this:

So long, suckers.

Dread Crew is on tour this summer, and it’ll be weird not being there. Go check them out if they’re in your area, but don’t expect to run into me (I’ll probably go to one or two of the shows though).

Also, I’m putting together some new projects, so get in touch if you’re interested in collaborating.”

We wish him well and will miss his face and farts on the road. Those of you who have seen him rock the stage with us before, know that this means our MPAA rating will be reduced from XXX to NC-17. Keep an eye out for his other projects, and we will see you on the road!