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Rocktopus | Album

Rocktopus | Album

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After Reign The Helm was met with great critical acclaim, the time soon came for Oddwood to forge a second album. Though part of the crew had been lost, the addition of Smithy Crow on upright bass, some new acoustic instruments, and the involvement of all seven band members in the writing process yielded phenomenal results. With 13 tracks and a solid 47:58 run-time, Rocktopus is bigger, heavier, and more badass than thought possible. This is The Dread Crew as it was truly meant to be! Features "Queen's Decree", from their debut music video. 18-page booklet features lyrics and compositional photography.

Queen's Decree
Earth's End
Where Blue Meets Black
Land IIo
Traveller's Hornpipe
Kraken Skulls
Hear Our Cry
The Legend of Mord & Tyver
The Frenchman's Daughter
Walk the Plank
Ketch Medley

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